About Us

Our company offers thorough marine surveying of sail and power vessels. This company performs above the expected standards in the boating industry. We conduct surveys and services throughout the state of Florida. Our firm can also provide surveys and services throughout the United States and the Caribbean and internationally. We offer a variety of services that include:

  • Pre-purchase, appraisal, insurance, damage, thermal imaging, ultrasonic, and consultation services
  • Sailing or power boats or yachts
  • Report is typically sent via email within three to five business days after the survey (some exceptions may apply)
  • We work most weekends and holidays
  • Fully insured

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Simple and Easy to Arrange for the Surveyor…

This website is designed to create a very simple and easy system of arranging the marine survey. This includes the ability for the prospective client to review the surveyor’s qualifications, see samples of previous marine survey reports and review our work agreement.

A Marine Surveyor’s Goal During the Survey…

A marine surveyor’s goal is to find and report problems before they cost the client money or compromise the safety of the crew or vessel. A qualified marine surveyor knows where to look for potential problems. Do not buy without an independent expert survey and appraisal.

Something to Think About…

A thorough marine survey of a new or used boat puts the prospective buyer in the advantages position of being able to bargain either price or for the repair work to be done before the purchase. This often amounts to thousands of dollars saved and typically more than often offsets the cost of the survey. Not to mention the information contained within the survey is invaluable to a new owner.

As Professional Marine Surveyors We Have the

Following Qualifications…

  • Graduates of the Chapman School of Seamanship (Yacht and Small Craft Survey Course)
  • ABYC Standards Accredited
  • Members of SAMS® (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors)
  • 20 years of fiberglass and refitting experience on power and sailing vessels
  • 30 years of sailing and boating experience As Marine Surveyors and members of SAMS®, we follow the code of ethics and rules of practice as prescribed by the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors.